Problem sc5000m

hi guys I wanted to expose the problems encountered with my sc5000m: 1 hot cue not quantize hot cue loop non quantize 2. motorized jog does not respond to scratching after pressing the cue button. 3. when I switch off the engine the jog does not slow down and increases the speed of the song immediately but only after a few seconds![58965501623__00319FBD-14EC-4FBD-AF67-B643C4C10644.MOV|attachment](uploa58965510343__368CB0A9-63E5-435F-B780-A1A332005A07.MOV (2.1 MB) d://mSSCMwQZzfFuVsdGbQ7SJcnYTnv.MOV) (1.7 MB)

What firmware are You running on?

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Firmware 1.3.1

Hm… very strange… I also have 1.3.1, and nothing like that ever happened… Need to do some research maybe?

Is the issue always there (every time You play)? Does a power off/on help?

Did You try to re-upload the firmware on to the deck?


That is true, I managed to recreate the issue!

Steps to recreate the problem:

  1. Load a track
  2. Play the track with Vinyl mode ON (Quantize on)
  3. Save a hot cue under hot cue 3 button.
  4. Switch off Vinyl mode.
  5. Use Hot Cue 3
  6. Try to use the jog to speed up/down

Resault - Jog bend not working!

Recreating the error - always!

@JWiLL - can You move this topic to bug report area, please?

Software 1.3.1, no sync used, only 1 deck used to recreate the error. I can provide a video if needed.

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yes I tried I also uploaded an older version but still the same! No shutdown does not help

I found out, that when using any hot cues in vinyl mode, and then switching vinyl mode off will lock the jog bend. Don’t know why, but it works every time like this. The bend comes back when You use a loop function.

were you able to watch the videos ?? Quantize also doesn’t work properly on cue loops and hot cues! there is someone who has already spoken about it in the forum. Do you know if they will leave a brief update?

On Your video Quantize seem to work like it should.

this is a more precise video even when it is in sync and I press the hot cue button it goes off beat!

So where’s the video?

InMusic has been informed about this. The problem with the record motion detection ceasing after hitting the main cue button is caused by the current M firmware’s choice to ignore platter wobble upon stop until platter movement reaches zero. A better solution for future firmwares will be for the platter movement after hitting the main cue to be ignored until platter movement begins sufficiently accelerating again, with some averaging or smoothing or ignoring of direction thrown into the calculations to account for slight wobble back and forth as it slows. In general, upon hitting the main cue the platter will decelerate until it stops… unavoidable physics from platter inertia. You have to ignore physical movement when hitting main cue so it doesn’t drift. We then need it begin to scratch the music again from the main cue point when the record is intentionally rotated past a certain minimum acceleration threshold instead of waiting for zero rotational velocity as it does now. That should be natural, effective, and require no thought for users. Short of that change to the firmware, right now you need to instead physically stop the platter first with a hand on the edge or just wait a few seconds for it to stop on its own before scratching.

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