Problem on my jog wheel!

Plz check the movie , This has been a strange situation for both players . I’m currently out of town to run the party suddenly shocked in the sound check novel

Movie : - YouTube

Hey Mamsi

Check this forum post for another user with the same issue and the suggested solution

What to do for tonight ?

Try to find a grounded plug in that place. Grab an extension cord to use with a socket further away.

That venue looks like a fairly nice place. They should(hopefully) have correct grounding somewhere.

I’ve been running partys for years with different hardware in this venue and I’ve never had this problem with them , is this a bug on this device? Is this device not recommended for those who are always on the tour on different venue ?

Hi Mamsi,

did you try a grounded outlet like i suggested? We can’t know if this is a bug if you don’t try the suggestions given so far. The device has a capacitive jog wheel and is required to be grounded properly. This device is being used all over the world by touring dj’s that haven’t had this issue, so yes it is recommended for them

Doing what you said did not fix the problem. I had to turn off the vinyl button until the end of the show

Have you had this issue only at this venue? or has it happened at other places where you’ve used the equipment?

I’m playing in different places, The place I was last night There normaly i working 3 times a month, now driving to the another new place, praying for the tonight party…

I’ve sent you a direct message. Check your inbox here

@Alan_inMusic - rather than start a new thread, thought I would throw a similar issue into this one. (Feel free to break off into its own thread if you feel that’s the better route.)

Over the past week I noticed a strange “skipping” and “static” sound occasionally coming out of the audio chain. I checked cables and all the usual steps. At a show this past weekend it got really bad and then I remembered a couple of things I’ve read here on the forums and did a little experimenting.

Anyway, the issue is definitely tied to the jog. When attempting to nudge (ie, only touching the side, not the top) the static and skipping would start. Looking closely at exactly what was happening on the screen the best way to describe it would be “micro-scratching” - a bunch of little stop start motions etc. while trying to nudge. Turning off Vinyl mode immediately fixed the problem.

So I had this problem at two venues. Both locations I play at weekly and haven’t had any issues in the past. And both locations I use a high quality, fully ground protected power bar (including trouble indications) so if there was indeed an issue with the grounding off the wall supply it should have been detected.

To date I’m only noticing it on one of my decks. Both decks are about a year old now.

Never used one but it sounds to me like the jog wheels touch capacitive top is giving false readings in vinyl mode. Like it thinks your hand is physically touching the top of the platter. Maybe when the users hands have a little bit of static in them and are near the jog wheels top surface it could give off false readings?

That’s my working theory too. I remember the Pio SX had a similar issue in its early days, so hopefully it’s an easy fix.

Hey Todd, sorry for the late reply. Another tip for working with these is while the devices are powering on, make sure nothing is resting on or touching the platters. They go through a calibration stage during the boot-up cycle and if something is touching the top of the platters, it’s possible that this sort of false touch behavior can occur.

Interesting. I do sometimes power them up with the Decksavers still on - I’ll make sure to stop that.

Side note: One year anniversary was yesterday. Still love 'em.

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Can anyone guide me why the music crashes with the red upper left sign? This paralyzed me

Hi Friends, iam Erico from chile and have the same problem whit jogs in vinyl mode, first in one of decks and now in two decks, is not problem of voltage or grounds problem, maybe is a sensor error, firmware bug of fabrication problem.

is posible guaranty in this cases?

I didn’t take any risks after seeing this problem, I went back to the main house (pioneer Device) because Admins didn’t get any answers, this place was only for introducing new products, not support, it was the same days I sold the device, I also suggest to you

The AC connection grounding problem with the jog is far less severe than when the internal spindle grounding connection appears to become intermittent. If you don’t have good AC line grounding, it’s just that when your hand is within about a cm of the touch platter that it triggers. That’s actually not that bad when I’ve been in venues with no ground. When the actual physical spindle connection becomes intermittent inside, though, it will flicker even if you’re not near the platter. The solution seems to be to grab the outside of the jog (the bend surround area) using both palms of your hands, lift up (it only lifts about a mm or two) and drop it back down, then spin it back and forth a few times. This seems to reseat the spindle and prevent it from happening for quite a long while as you use the unit continuously during a session. I recommend people do this before every mixing session on every Prime touch players’ jog, either before turning the units on or after they’ve completely booted up. Just needs to be done once per session it seems. The only other time I had to do this on any other brand of jog wheel was on one that had been stored upside down for a few months. Anyway, it’s not that big a deal and doesn’t take too much effort or time to do. Please let me know if this does not fix it for you even after you have verified having a good ground.

Also, please heart this feature request that will make jog touch issues easier for us to identify when they happen verses playback issues:

iam upgrade the last firmware 141 and the same problem whit the jog in vinyl mode? is posible waranty or change for new unit the unit in this cases?