Problem on 2 gain bass channel 3 and 4 dont work


I have a problem with my MC6000 mk1,I have replaced 2 channel fader,1 crossfader (only fader),

they remained blocked,now channel faders its ok,but crossfader dont work(just replaced)

the 2 bass gain of ch3 ch4 no works (just replaced)and pitch fader sx hangs from the middle down.

Its possible that problem on the motherboard?

I don’t know whether to order:

1X pitch fader (left)

1X only PCB for crossfader

Thank you!



Who replaced it, did You made it Yourself? Are the parts having exactly the same values (resisatnce and the curve)??

yes I replaced it, I purchased the original spare parts

Can You show us how it looks inside on solder points, please?