Problem microphone?

Hello, is there already a solution to the problems with the microphone ?? I have connected a Shure SM 58, it does not work well ! What can I do please ?? Thanks !!

Yes i’m having issues with mic inputs. Horrific feedback and level issues. Cannot turn up more than 1/4 of the way. Also keeps dropping out. Sounds terrible.

What problem are you having ? Might be different from other people’s expereince

Yes, I have the same problems as everyone else, instead of relying on any streaming, this big problem should be solved first, that’s much more imporant, but nothing happens !!!

But what’s your mic problem ?

So I think the Input from the Mikrophone is too sensitive and I have to speak for a while before you hear anything, so the Output is delayed for me. And it keeps breaking off with me.

This topic has been brought up by many dj’s already. The mics on the P4 have a “threshold” where low level noise is muted, however this threshold seems to be set too high. This has a very unwanted effect of cutting off the 1st / last word in a sentence or giving a broken up sentence when people with little mic experience uses it (bride, groom, best man etc…) The mics also seem to feedback quite a bit easier than what most of us are used to. Denon are aware of this issue. In a different thread, Denon actually said that they plan on putting a threshold level adjustment in the utility for us to personally set it to what works best for us.