Problem loading tracks from new hard drive

Hi, y’all.

I’m on the gig again right now and making do with what I’ve got, but I just bought a new external SSD.

i loaded my collection to it (took forever!)

i have no crates, now, due to losing them all when I thought I could simply redirect Engine Prime to a new directory. i just put everything in the ‘collection’

this was a mistake.

anyway, i loaded and reanalyzed 5000 tracks and put them in my ‘collection’ and transferred them to the hard drive.

it’s formatted to Fat32.

Now, though, nothing will play from that hard drive. all the files are red.

what’s the deal?

what’s going on? why won’t anything play?

edit: @JWiLL ??

Im surprised no one commented here.

Did you get this resolved ?

I can tell you that if you want to use a different hard drive you have to name the drive the same exact name as the old one.

After you do that you have to make sure your folder structure is the exact same as the old drive and once that’s all identical you can than drag the engine folder onto the new drive and engine software will display all of your crates and playlists. You will also not loose any cue points.

Everything will be exact rly as it was.

The goal here is to mirror exactly the old drive with the new drive.

I’ve done this with with backup drives and it works perfectly.

Hope this helps.