Problem Exporting Rekordbox Imported Files To Prime 4 SSD Drive

Hi Denon DJ Forum.

I’m having a difficulty transferring my Rekordbox Collection which has been imported into Engine Prime to the SSD drive in my Prime 4 DJ Console. I’ve followed the procedure for import, but when I place the Prime 4 in controller mode to see the SSD drive as a device, for some reason the Engine Prime software application shuts down (removed from my PC screen). My computer recognizes the SSD drive as a device but I’m unable to get the Engine Prime app to open. I’ve updated the EP to 1.3.1 & the Prime 4 firmware to 1.3.2. Any ideas or suggestions as to what might be the problem?

Hi @Djdmusic, sorry for your import problems. We have a few questions about your set up, so that we can assist you in finding a solution

-Which Windows/Mac Operating System are you running?

-Does the Engine PRIME software crash with your internal SSD not plugged into your PRIME 4?

Hi Nekoro.

I am running Engine Prime On A Dell Inspiron 17 Notebook, Windows 10; Intel Core i7; 1.80GHz; 16 GB Ram.

My SSD is a San Disk, 1 TB installed in the bottom SSD compartment of the PRIME 4.

One thing I forgot to mention. I had an automatic Windows update installed on my laptop recently (08/14/19). Prior to this date I had prepared a playlist in Engine Prime and I transferred it to the SSD drive installed in the Prime 4 console (with no problem of EP shutting down). Is it possible that the installed Windows update could have created the problem with the SSD drive crashing the EP software?