Pro Dj Link/Engine Connect LAN protocol share?

Hello all. Thank you for your replies. I really like the features on the X1850, and have been comparing it to the DJM-900NXS2. I think the X1850 offers tons more value for the money, especially since the DJM is about twice the price. I’ve also been comparing the SC5000 to the XDJ-1000MK2, and also think the SC offers more value for the money, although the two are priced in the same ballpark. All the responses seem to confirm what I thought, i.e., the two systems won’t be able to link up via LAN, meaning syncing will have to be done manually between the DJM system and the SC system on either mixer.

Yes correct.

Regarding the SC5000, you need, in essence, two XDJ’s for one SC functionality.

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While i’d love to see interop between pioneer’s pro dj link and denon’s stagelinq protocols, i think it’d be cooler to see them do something like add support for something like the APC mini or novation launchpad. Just connect it to the SC5000 and layer B goes into sampler mode giving you a whole different set of options to load things to the pads and control how they work from the touchscreen. Maybe even make it so you can setup pre-defined sampler banks in engine prime that load automatically when you connect one of the supported midi controllers to the deck.