Hi all. Just my 2 cents, not sure if anyone else agrees with me. I just feel a little disappointed that it seems denon is prioritizing getting cloud integration working over what I would think are more important enhancements and fixes. I could be wrong but I would much rather see full integration of tb sc5000m with serato long before tidal integrations.

Just my thoughts…


I agree with your sentiment but serato compatibility should come only after all basic features work as expected and advertised. This latest “update” is a bit of a slap in the face.

I agree with getting the basics correct however they have Integrated many products Into serato already so the IP is there already so whilst they getting the basics correct, allow us to use the awesome hardware with reliable software.


I’d rather have better sound, fully fixed jog bend, history transmitted over Link, NTFS read-only support (that the manual originally stated), track offloading from Engine Prime, customizable screen info, and not having to hit a hot cue twice when I’m paused to assign and get it to play than anything to do with DJ software like Serato. I suspect that the WiFi and Link thing with Tidal is actually a round-about way to eventually get some more general track offloading from a variety of sources, including Engine Prime.


I agree with over all sentiment but Serato integration is a bad example for your point.

Thanks Reticuli. But I’m sure you got the point though. I just think that they are prioritizing business over functionality. Well that is my perception.


I agree too! This last firmware upgrade does NOT fix the BASIC that we would like to get working before everything else (BPM, Loops, etc…)… Very very disappointed! And what about the EP SW?

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Everyone’s “think” will be different.

Everyone’s “basic” will be different too.

I bought the prime to leave DJ software and a laptop well and truely at home. So my “think” on all the upgrades would put absolutely every one of the suggestions/requests first, before anything to do with Serato, traktor DJpro and any other software.

But, again, I’m just one person, as are you (and I don’t mean that in a negative way at all )

Prioritizing features’ marketability over core capabilities and customer satisfaction, is how I would put it. The scent of marketing depts with too much power and influence, or marketability getting too much sway. In a lot of ways it’s a dated concept, because it assumes that controlled PR and product features lists are going to be more swaying of purchase choice than social media, forums, word-of-mouth, and direct experience.