Printing the collection


Is there anyway we can print our collection ? Just reached 11k songs and still going strong but would like to pin point tracks with ease


Hey @Uk79mod I’m a little confused why you want to do this?


As a mobile Dj using the MCX8000 in standalone mode I could be carrying over 20k songs on various thumb drives. Someone comes up and asks for 1song, I need to find that song fast.


As a mobile DJ, it would be much easier for you to use Serato with your controller. Have you considered that?


OMG, so how fast will it be to search through 20k songs printed on paper? This gotta be a joke. :smile:


That’s why I brought the 8k so I could free myself of the laptop. Are you saying as a person from Denon that I have the wrong equipment. So are you going to give me a full credit ?


I don’t believe that Chloe is suggesting that, but having a computer and going standalone both have benefits and tradeoffs.

If you want to print things out, all you need to do is throw the entire collection into a crate and then right click and select Export. There are several formats, including CSV (comma separated values) which you can then import into a spreadsheet. If you have a spreadsheet reader on your phone, you could search your spreadsheet completely without ever having to print something out.

I hope that helps - please let us know if you have any issues getting the list files to work.


Thank you that’s all I needed to know.