Prine 4 - search unparsed new drive

Hi . There is no file search without analysis. This is a big problem - for a mobile DJ, searching for a song without engine analysis is impossible - Add a search filter in files without analysis - then do not let other search functions such as BPM Title Album … - I’m shocked that search doesn’t work without analysis. DJ IMEX

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I am mobile DJ and have been for 15 big years! There is nothing to stop a mobile Dj analysing their tracks.

Huge collection? Analysis it at home

Have to take every track to the disco with you in case uncle Bobby asks for some special song? yes having let auto analyse run on your entire collection at home one evening will give you the power to search

Might get handed a usb flash at a disco by the birthday man or the groom or the retired person? Then it won’t be a big collection they hand you, it will be 1 to 20 songs and those can be found easy by pointing the source at the usb flash and the prime will analyse the tracks as you load them.

There is nothing anti-mobile about prime


I strongly disagree with you - Prime 4 is an independent device STANDALONE - ALL in One - so do not say that you need to have an additional computer to play on P4. If you have Denon Prime 4 you know that there are problems with the Database of analyzed files. Deleting a file without Engine is the biggest problem - and another DJ says why Serato PRO is for? - I think the engine is not needed for the same. If you don’t have a computer, you can’t work on P4, so you need to search files without analysis. DjIMEX

PS. denon quote The PRIME 4, is already acclaimed as the ultimate 4-channel standalone DJ Console

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This is what you want:

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How does the competition do this without going through RekordBox?

Don’t know, so just asking.

@Reese I can answer this. At the moment, Pioneer makes it even more complicated with collections and cannot do it on device. On the old trusted Numark DDS or D2 (yes sorry, there it is again) I can also create a library on the device if necessary, but I must add that this is just as fast as pooping through a strainer :slight_smile:. But it is possible with patience.

And for the traditional laptop DJ it’s no problem to add and index songs on the fly as they already have a computer.

My hope goes out to what I once had as a request. Update search database on the unit itself (can be optional), further analyze when a track is loaded.

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This is daft, technically they could implement this but even for modest collections the seach time would be insane, a database is really required, its no hardship to run your collection through Engine Prime, the problem here is the OP not recognising how these things are designed to work. Yes the Prime series can play unanalyzed music but you cant expect to be able to search, especially not the MP3 meta data unless you have run it through EP.

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Is Prime 4 finally Standalone or not?

And so is your site announcing the New Pioneer All in One

Yes. You don’t need a computer. If you want to search you’ll need to let Prime4 index all tracks by loading per track to a deck and let it analyze. But still it can do that. Competition cannot.

This would be time consuming and inefficient with 1000s of tracks plus way slower than on a computer. That’s why you’re better off to let the analyze part done by a computer.

Like a fire, you could extinguish it with a garden hose or let the fire truck do it for you.

Agreed to your post @Reese, but I also agree with IMEX on this one. When only a drive scan could be run on the unit itself to add tracks to collection (without analysis) a full search function could be available very quickly (My guess would be in less then a minute), making the overall true standalone experience a lot t better.

Edit: I also think it’s remarkable that you can import a Rekordbox collection on the unit, but cannot import regular tracks when you are a loyal Prime user. In this way transferring the competition actually takes precedence over the Prime users themselves :wink:

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True and the background analysis could be an option as well, but it’s very much a standalone unit.

One could argue that buying and copying music is still not possible on the Prime4… (however streaming is), so you would still need a computer, yes.

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