Prime4 Track color change

I know from the videos that you can change the color of the decks. But when you change the deck color does the track color also change or does it still remain the blue/green default color? Also I wish you had included the eq knobs with click to kill function for quick kill of the bands. I miss the kill button on older mixers!

I would concern of click-to-kill as be in too easy to work accidentally

@arashd1 Are you referring to the waveform changing colors? If so, it does not.

Here is a pic of what you see on the screen with respect to the layer colors which will be below each channel’s waveform where your BPM and track time and key are displayed.

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The actual waveform there is still the blue/green/white default that the OP mentioned. Yes, the deck colour changes on the screen to match the jog wheel, but not the actual waveform colours.

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Which, in my humble opinion, is a good thing :smiley:

I could, however see how you would make the background behind the waveform the same (or lighter shade of) color as the decks … just so it “pops” out more at you.


I was referring to the actual track wave form color