Prime4 playlist rearrange issue

Hello, everybody. I’m new to the forums since I just bought my prime 4 and I love it! It’s an amazing controller. I just been having a issue rearranging the tracks. It will not let me do it. I’m currently on update 1.6.1. I wasnt able to do it when I had 1.4.1 either. I go to the list button with a pencil then select hold and try to drag the track and it does nothing. A’m I doing something wrong? Or is this option not available anymore? Thats all it needs other than to be able to download from flash drive to internal hard drive. Thank you for your time. :pray::blush: much appreciated it.

re-arranging is only possible with playlists, not with crates. crates are sorted by the sort filter. while you have on playlists the sort filter, too … it looks sometimes, that you can´t re-arrange the lists. But - Use the sort filter (it´s the grey field before the green arrow). Click - this. There you find sort by: “Play Order”

When you click this, you will see, that your music is now numbered.

Now click the pencil symbol. you have now the selectable circles.

Just hold a track by the name and move it up or down.