Prime4 or SmartConsole as DLNA or airplay target

I would initially like to be able to assign one channel as an airplay receiver or dlna client. Most modern hifi’s allow this or sonos speakers etc. Not talking bluetooth audio. Im talking wifi or ethernet streamed music with the prime4 as the output device. as in on your phone you would chose playback on prime4.

Ideally and long term all 4 channels could have a unique airplay ID.

This would make it easy to play a song from a phone or device , ideally with the tempo control.

Useful for parties , letting people wirelessly drop music onto the prime4.

Denon Hi fi and AVR, currently have airplay or DLNA connectivity.

a work around is to use external cheap airplay boxes on aux ports but this does not support temp controls.

I would use this feature a lot. makes streaming from any music service accessible on a phone or laptop easier.

could become the basis for wireless connections between mixer and media players going forward.

#feature-request #prime4

Another one that you’ll need to fill in the dedicated request form for , and hope for some matching votes