Prime syncing to pen drive taking days


I am new to Engine. I just bought a Prime Go. I have recently downloaded Engine for Mac. I have imported all of my playlists from Itunes into Engine.

Now I am trying to sync those playlists to my pen drive (It is approximately 80 gigs). It seems like the sync process should wind up taking like a week based on the speeds over the past two days of the exporting process!

The pen drive is brand new, and I am using a new Macbook Pro with 16g ram that is working fine. Is this normal for this size library? Any tips on how to speed the process up? I have read through the forum, but I have not seen any info for any recent solutions.

Any help or insight will greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

What spec is the USB stick?

You can try dragging and dropping instead of sync to see if it moves quicker

It maybe the stick

I prefer portable SSD like the Samsung T series or Sandisk extreme

It’s a Memorex USB 2.0 drive. Probably not the best obviously.

When you say drag and drop, are you suggesting to bypass the Engine Prime desktop app and just put the files on the pen drive from Mac Finder? If so, then I would lose my Itunes playlists, which are critical.


2.0 is slow. The primes support USB 3.0 speed, you should consider a new stick to take advantage of this.

But using what you have now

  • Drag and Drop inside Engine Prime.

  • Open the Device tab, then drag from the collection (crates or playlist) to the USB device tab inside Engine Prime.

  • You have to do each one individually, unlike sync manager that allows you to transfer multiple crates at once.

The sync manager appears to be slower than drag and drop method.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the iTunes import process (my library is maintained in Serato). Not sure if you’ve taken a look at this article from Denon DJ’s Knowledge Base (KB). See below:

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