Prime Series Firmware v1.4.0 Now Available!

Hey Everyone,

We’re very excited to announce that firmware version 1.4 for the Prime Series product family is now available for download!

Download Here

We want to thank everyone who tested and contributed feedback during the 1.4 beta period. Your feedback and contributions help us continue to provide DJs with the most powerful tools in the industry. We’re fortunate to have a passionate and dedicated community that fuels and inspires our future endeavors. THANK YOU!!! :pray:t3:

This update brings exciting ‘industry-first’ innovations as well as a number of community requested features, and improvements. Here are the full release notes.

Release Notes - Version 1.4.0

New Features:

  • Enabled internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and wired connections.
  • Integrated TIDAL Hi-Fi music streaming service.
  • Added ability to preview tracks directly from the track list (SC5000/M).
  • Added expanded track list view (PRIME 4).
  • Added ability to manually adjust loop in and out points via platter control.
  • Added ability to recalibrate platter touch sensitivity (PRIME 4).
  • New ZonePlay feature for Zone Out with progress bar and automatic crossfading (PRIME 4).

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved quantized triggering to be more forgiving. Hot cues and loops that are triggered slightly late will now trigger immediately and maintain phase.
  • Improved search speed for high volume, drive based, searches results.
  • Forward and backward platter nudge sensitivity is now matched.
  • Quantize state is now saved on shutdown and recalled on power up.
  • Instant Double is now possible from paused state.
  • Rekordbox import on players now import new playlists in the correct order.
  • Fixed an issue where tracks with a metatag BPM outside the range of 30-250 would result extreme BPM ranges.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for the file name of a track would result in incorrect results returned.
  • Fixed an issue where certain 320kbps AAC tracks would playback with audio artefacts.
  • Fixed a vulnerability that could crash system in a rare circumstance.
  • Fixed an issue, where in rare cases, a deck’s track skip button would stop working.
  • Fixed an issue where a mouse cursor would appear when a combo USB keyboard/trackpad was connected. Mice are not supported.
  • Switched Layer A/B default colors (SC5000/M).
  • Other various bug fixes improvements.

*If a product is in parenthesis after the description, that means the feature/fix only applies to that specific product. All other items apply to the entire Prime Series product family.

Overview Video


So you need to add (Prime 4) to the bullet point about ZonePlay. I was really hoping that crossfade was going to be available to playlists on SC5000.

Another amazing update. The faster search speed will be really useful every minute of every event for me, The manual loop in/loop out adjust will be the new feature I’ll be using most, I think. Then Tidal. Doubt I’ll use preview, but everyone’s different.

Thanks for catching that! Just updated.

Could be possible in the future. Make it an official Feature Request :wink:

Still not able to update BPM on the fly tapping shift?

I’m afraid getting WiFi access to those with large stored libraries has no effect on work flow where’s the ability to adjust beatgrids - which are wrong - is not possible unless through Engine Prime which is terrible.

Not getting what most of the people want on the forum Denon. Make’s the platform so much less usable when bringing new tracks to a gig to play - not everyone has time to sit and manually beat grid.


Release Notes - Version 1.4.0 New Features:

  • Added ability to preview tracks directly from the track list (SC5000/M). <----- ??? Why not on Prime4? Is there any reason why Prime4-Users don’t need to prelisten before loading in a deck? Did i missed something? Is there another option to prelisten on Prime4 i don’t know? Don’t think so. Looks like update to 1.4.1 has to follow as soon as possible. …this year please!

Thanks guys, really appreciate that!

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Oh my F***** God, I am SO HAPPY right now!!! The feature that I wanted the most (quantize to the nearest beat), have been implemented!!!

Woww Denon DJ staff, I really appreciate that! Many many thanks!! I stop writing now cause I’m going to play with this awesome piece of hardware :smiley:


Good update but definitely waiting on Bpm adjustments.

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" Fixed an issue where certain 320kbps AAC tracks would playback with audio artefacts."

Have they improved the sound quality?

That’s what that means - yes. Artefacts, in audio, are bad things

Played for about a hour and a half, firmware is indeed very nice, symmetric jog wheel is very good!!

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Unless the update had four or five HUNDRED features then some people were going to jump on the bandwagon of moaning that their favourite request (and the request of all the DJs between their road and Mount Everest) wasn’t featured. The same bandwagon load would call out that denon aren’t listening, or denon don’t care or whatever - all just sulky impatience personified.

Yes I want more accurate bpm detection, both in Engine, and on the players, but I’m really happy that even more free features have been bestowed upon us in this update while denon continue to work on, what they have described as “industry leading BPM detection”. Simply copying some old bpm algorithm that the rest of the industry have put up with for a decade might be easy and quick to have done, but setting a new industry lead for bpm detection, that’s got to take time, you know like, scrap every way the other guys software and hardware have done it so far, start afresh and build an algorithm which isn’t fooled by certain twists of fill ins, bridges, bassy vocals, vocal only starts and that

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Although I am REALLY REALLY HAPPY with this new update, I understand that most users are not asking for a new, fresh, built from ground and cutting edge bpm detection algorithm, they are just asking for a simple and useful bpm detection algorithm (an old bpm algorithm could work, why not?), AND more importantly, the option to be able to edit incorrect beatgrids on the fly (shrink and expand beagrids). It is a fair and reasonable request.

Because The SC tracklist interface is per layer and per player, so the X1800 mixer knows which fader is closed or open.

The Prime4 tracklist interface is for all layers. You choose after selecting on which deck you want to play/load.

Preview would be easily possible, but not with a faderlock or precheck. To harm you for making mistakes, they need to implement a preview with deck choice before preview audio is heard.

Do you understand my reasoning a bit?


But what if, denon were working on say a 4 decimal place BPM algorithm eg- 128.5041 BPM which interstates its 4 decimal places into the loops, quantize, beat effects, beat grids … and more and more and more.

If denon just dropped in a compromise 2 digit decimal place bpm algorithm from anywhere else in the industry, they’d then have to re-write the handling of loops, Beatgrid, beat effects, quantize etc for the measly two decimal place bpm, then they’d had to re-rewrite the Beatgrid, beat effects, loops and all again, when their 4 decimal place bpm was ready - hypothetically

Simple and useful BPM detection would be the use of the TAP button and then you, as a DJ with a trained ear in finding the fundamental, work out the difference of .1 to .xxx decimals and maybe put it into id3tag bpm field to avoid the calculation in Engine Prime. The moment you want to translate this “finding of fundamental” into a line of code, it doesn’t seem so simple anymore.

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You guys nailed some very important points with this update, it’s greatly appreciated to see your listening. I have found a couple bugs already and still have some requests that I think are easily implemented for future updates, but you just made my favorite player even better so big thank you for that :pray:

Happy Holidays

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Exactly how I tried to explain it in the FB group. :+1:

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