Prime Series Dual Media Player/Controller idea

Hi Everyone,

I had an idea for a new Prime Deck, Denon I am sure you are ahead of me on this.

A rack mount or table top Dual Prime media player for the Mobile DJ’s out there, anyone who remembers the HD2500 will be familiar with this idea.

There were short comings with the HD, such as screen size, library search and file limitations. But wouldn’t it be great to have some of the SC5000 features ?

Excuse the Cut and Shut picture and not to scale, I am not the world’s best artist. But this is just an idea.

How many Denon products can you see ? I see 5 :sunglasses: I am sure there will be plenty of what about…

Key Features:

  1. Standalone unit with option for Controller support
  2. Processing power of the SC5000 with large touch screen and on-board track analysis.
  3. USB 3 support for fast access to large music libraries, with possible option for external Optical drive support ? (For those still wanting to use CD’s)
  4. Multi file format support, as SC5000
  5. Many of the performance features of the SC5000
  6. Cross fade and next track reserve as on the old Denon gear
  7. On-board FX
  8. 2 Channel mixer if practical due to rack mount size ?
  9. Cost around £900 $1100

I welcome your thoughts…


The size limitations will come back to bit you in the proverbial behind I am afraid. The mixer you can forget, that would be like adding a screen to the MC3000 which is pretty crowded already.

I can see some merit to this idea, but I do wonder how much market there really is anymore for a 19" rack player like this.

Do love the creativity though!

P.s. if you add the 7" screen of the 5000s, you’d be looking at a far larger unit. And there would only be a maximum of say 5.5" of available space on either side for jogs and controls. Tight, very tight. :wink:

very nice concept. i asked about just that in the legacy forum a few days ago. the natural evolution of the classic 19" units.

Yess space is the deciding factor here, a mixer is pushing it I know lol.

It was only a conceppt idea and yes how much interest would there be ? Know DJ’s are looking for a smaller form factor to carry round and fit into tight booths.

But maybe this could be an idea for an upgraded MCX8000 MK2 ? Who knows…:sunglasses:

to me, not having a mixer in such a device is a deciding factor. i always wanna choose that independently. just the way it was so far.

Meant to add this idea as an update to the MC6000 as well. I would say the 4" screens of the MCX8000 might be the only way forward for this product idea, for a more compact unit.

Let’s see what the future will bring, how much demand will dictate any future product designs.

Maybe a pole on weather people would like to see a product like this ? Just a +1 would do,

Just throwing an idea up in the air here…

How about a rack mount, mixer-less , dual player unit, with no displays at all. But one or two video out sockets on the back for users to add their own choice of display size - from a 7 inch screen to a 60 inch screen… at the users choice ???

This would maximise the real estate on the front panel of the unit for platters, safety/comfort gap around primary controls, space for more dedicated buttons rather than modifier combos of “Shift + Load” or “Press and hold for 2 seconds” etc. It would also mean that people could choose for themselves whether 15inch or 17inch or 19inch screens are still too small for them etc, and they would have their own choice of what screen size is “just right” for them.

Also, the idea of having no mixer built into the unit, would mean that users could mix’n’match (Hey yeah, pun intended!) their favourite, or most functional mixer of their choice - then feed the outputs from the dual player/quad layer unit into their mixer.

I’m not hinting by the way, just thinking outside the box - and outside the 19 inch frame.