Prime sc5000 continue not working as expected

firmware 1.4 during contentious play when loading a new FLAC track that has not been annualized I get a bar of the previous song then the track plays normally. it happens about 5 beats in to the track. it seems to only happen on some tracks, all were loaded onto usb via engine prime, so I thought they would have been pre prepped. when I restart the song it plays normally.


I have the same. I beatmatch by pitch riding, and when I hit play and move pitch fully up or down on incoming track I have previous song playing for a sec. It is not every time but it is a monstrous bug. I have noticed that this only happens when one of the players is networked and playing. I set up a camera to film it even but no time this week. And not flac normal and analyzed mp3 also is affected. I need to check new usb also maybe mine is too slow?

I think I’ve noticed this myself a few times, but only on larger tracks when the other layer is in use and this is over the link where the track is still below the current 270MB track size link limit. It seemed to also happen more with files that were strange, like 32bit mono tracks, but that might just be a coincidence since I don’t have a lot of tracks that are both long and <270MB. CD image rips that are one file tend to be larger than that and lossless and can’t be linked anyway. So are you two noticing this only happening over link and/or when the other layer is in use?

For me it is only on linked players on mp3 small size mp3(20-30mb)

Yes, MP3 over link. But it’s happening to you with short ones not like an hr long mono radio show or something?

I have not played long tracks like that only normal 3-6 minute tracks. I think I can make it happen by those big pitch fader movements like 1 of 3 tries.

I addition to the Link, does there always have to be something going on on the other layer, too?

Does this seem to happen for you when the soft takeover light seems to also come on briefly when analysis is occurring or finally finishes? The soft takeover light sometimes flickers when analysis finishes and you are making large pitch fader movements at that moment, sometimes it doesn’t turn off until you move the fader wherever it says to… like it’s glitching how the fader is read or which track it’s using for that layer at that moment of analysis ending.

For me it is only 1 layer per deck and already analyzed files. Maybe it is slow usb. I will get a faster one this weekend and try again.

Io have only one player and it is happening only sometimes. I have USB 3’s and 2s. I have seen it happen when a track is loaded on the other layer, on a usb 2… I will see if I can get it to happen on usb 3

Ok guys I tried to catch this error. And men what I found it is almost scary.

Here is the link to video:

Problem 1

~ 2:03 I try to needle skip and music stops for a couple seconds and gets mashed after that!

Problem 2

~4:43 (Also long loading time of track - I think slow usb problem)
In this three times, exactly the error we were talking about - previous song playing over the first one.

Problem 3

~7.31 Music starts with delay. Like half hour later one of the players stopped sending signal to the mixer the waveforms loading tracks worked fine but no sound!

I will try faster USB when I buy one - maybe this is the case? Also nothing like that was happening on previous firmware maybe downgrade is possible?

Apart from slow, a file is loaded completely into memory or cache. So you either have players with faulty cache or a corrupt memory stick.

If files are analyzed, loading should take a mere second to load.

FWIW, I cannot replicate this behavior, nor have I seen this with my non-M’s in 2,5 years.

Is there still a limit to the number of analysis files or the size of the database and/or the total analysis files on a drive that Prime can read and/or Link? I wonder if some of my problems are caused by the players always having to analyze files since I don’t pre-analyze and there’s no way to shut analysis off and run them bare bones.

Hey guys I have a new USB stick and after hour of testing everything worked fine, no issues found :slight_smile:

It looks like when players are linked crappy USB stick affects how the players work. I will try more this weekend just to be sure.


SO I had the previous song error on my usb3 stick via port 2, with nothing loaded on the other layer. I had not played the song before on the sc5000, but it was loaded via engine prime so it should be pre-analysed. curently I am only seeing this when continue is toggled.

I also had another issue when I first started up that the track would play but no sound would come out for 2 bars, then everything works fine.

The player is new as are the USB sticks, both purchased over Christmas. with updated 1.4 firmware So basically as a glorified iPod, It cant do its job. sound should not cut out or play the wrong track.

Any updates on this?

I as well have this issue on my sc5000m + 1800 setup. In continue mode random parts of the previous song play, and audio has dropped out multiple times.

Here is video:

The audio completely dropped out on me shorly after I had heard some random audio blips from the wrong tunes leaking in! Again, I think I’ve only seen this in continue mode so far, so hopefully it’s relegated to only that mode.

Even if it only affects ‘continue’ mode though, it’s weird to me that people are being so cavalier about this. It seems like a serious bug. If a player can’t load a song in time to play, that is one thing, but just ‘playing’ anyways and having buffered audio that isn’t even part of the current song start playing is kind of crazy. I hope someone can shed more light on this.

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I had something similarly happen when I first got my primes.

I found that it was happening at home but not at gigs.

I found the root cause was the usb flash drive I was using for practice at home. The usb flash drive was cheap and had a buffer in it which helped smooth out any peaks/floods of data traffic. My guess is that when I got a burst of the last song I loaded, the buffer in the usb flash drive wasn’t being cleared or overwritten fully. It was like if the buffer was like 256mb then it was overwriting only like 246mb, leaving a couple of seconds of wav files and about 5 seconds of mp3 files.

At gigs, I want using flash drive, I used hard drives with caches.

I changed to a premium brand of usb flash drive and the problem went.

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