Prime needs a built-in sequencer!

I think Denon prime is perfect but missing one key feature denon has over it and that is its own built in sequencer similar to Roland has with Serato. I think if you teamed up with Akai you will be in great hands as Akai is the king of pads and sequencers! Creating your beats Live is HUGE now! Tap into that market!

Thank you for suggestion @Bboymac84, I will make sure this get’s passed to the product development team.

Thanks J

Choir. Preach. I want Pitch Play too! lol

And also Rekordbox has this. Meaning both.

But yeah. Would be nice but I’ll be pretty happy if we just get Pitch Play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Scott,

Prime 4 does indeed have a Key Sync feature built in, as well as the ability to change the key of a song playing - a first for a hardware unit!

Check the Feature Overview video from 5.26 and you will see it in action:

If you get some time it’s worth grabbing a coffee and watching the full video as there are so many amazing features to absorb!

Best, J


Thanks Jay, hoping for it on the SC5000 which is what I own. But yeah, I did notice that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again!


Hi Scott, There are future updates planned for the SC5000/M coming. Watch this space!