Prime integration

I own X1800 and there is a thing that puzzles me. The firmware is 1.2. It’s about the FX-section and as I know from what I learned the beat-information should be picked up via the link-connection and yes it works if I go through FX Channel Assign 1, 2, 3, 4, X-fader A and B but when it comes to master it only works sometimes. So when I use it with X-fader Channel 3 and 4 shows the right beat-information but when I go to A-side it flips to 120 even if the song is 90, 110 or something else but not 120. Should it be so or do have any advice how to fix this issue? I tried to push the auto button but it seems it will not work when the mixer is in Prime-mode.

Yeah I have this two, always puzzled me. I thought it was just me. I just got used to switching between A-B to get it to put out the right BPM over the USB