Prime GO vs Prime 2 help please.

Hey guys. After having to sell my full Pioneer gear before the 2nd lockdown im now looking back into gear but this time AIO. Now i just do it for fun so not looking at the 4 as i dont need 4 channels etc but im comparing the GO vs the Prime 2. now i thought about the GO as its more compact so space saver. i dont scratch etc so smaller jog wheel im not fussed on. no SSD bay not an issue BUT what about FX & other features i cant seem to find a side by side comparison of them.

I have a prime go and a prime 4. I love the prime go and for me if you can cope with the small jogs, then the go will perform just as well as the prime 2. From what you’ve said, just buy the prime go :joy:

Its just for home use which is why i was debating between the two

I’ve done lots of streams with my prime go all from home. You won’t be constrained and if anything it offers greater flexibility. I’ve loved using mine in the garden for example.

Wonderful thanks bud! After doing more looking seems has all The same 13 FX. Hard to find some of the info as people do overviews and not deep dives. I used to own Pioneers 2000 nexus’s / 900 nexus mixer but cuz of covid and money had to sell them. So want to get back at it but not take as much space but it seems these all have more features esp like the wifi streaming & more FX just seems a more fun product

You’re in pretty much the same position as me. I warn you now, if/when you buy the go, you will also buy the prime 2/4 later down the line. That’s what happened to me :joy:

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I doubt it tbh i usually buy something i stick too it unless it broken or i dont like it. JK probs will hahah Theres a used 2 on FB marketplace gonna go check it out its for a good price but thanks gor the help. I do techno like acid etc so wanted something to just get back into it.

I would go for the Prime 2 if your not going to be playing off of battery power. You will pick larger jog wheels, way better level meters, An AUX input with CUE that you can use to make it a three channel mixer and be more creative. Again, if you need the portability of operating on battery then the Prime GO is the clear choice. There both winners. :blush::+1:

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See jog wheels i dont care about the size only thing i used them for is beat match, i dont scratch. maybe a spin back once a set. And nahh 3 channel i couldnt care less about. Level meters yeah that maybe a good one. Space is another issue is dont have the space i used too with a full 2 CDJ / 4 channel mixer. I cant see “much” difference from tnem but there is a used prime 2 im looking at but hasnt replied and maybe sold. cant find a used GO so that would be paid monthly from amazon.