Prime Go Supports Tidal, Beatport, Beatsource & Soundcloud............. where are the latter?

I have successfully used Tidal and it works GREAT but where are the other that are advertised on the product page and every retailer?

Each Streaming service Is quite different in how they connect, log in and send data, so each new streaming service brought in has to be beta tested for months first.

I doubt the world virus allowed every testing to go through on time either .

Denon never say a date in the future when new or advertised things will be released. The things are just released when they’re fully ready.

On the product page it does not say it WILL stream it says it DOES.Product Page

Are you suggesting that one needs to go through and fact check all claimed features? Does this not qualify as false advertising? I’m just trying to get a feel for what to expect around here. I am a Serato Vet and an Pioneer DJ loyal. I used Denon YEARS ago but got burned by some of their products/support back when Serato first took off. I am hoping the new Denon does not operate in such a manner but it seems as though you are suggesting so. I can fully appreciate the need to test features prior to launching them and furthermore I am reasonable enough to allow some wiggle room due to Covid-19 but I purchased this unit solely for streaming and I am 25% of the advertised streaming solutions as of now… This is something Denon SHOULD have addressed…

Prime go was just released, so Beta testers actually got the product now, so they can start testing. I would wait with that a bit, it does not say on the web site that all streaming services are available immediately now. So let the guys do their job and let’s hope it will be sooner than later.

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It doesn’t not have a date on any options on the product page. What kind of logic is this? It doesn’t have a date because it doesn’t say coming soon, or future update. It doesn’t have a date because it literally says it has it already. It is literally in the same sentence as Tidal LOL. This can’t be how it is around here…

That’s fine… pop back in a couple of months after the covid leaves

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This advert states that Tidal and Soundcloud are already integrated, with Beatport and Beatsource to come…

Has Soundcloud been added now??? Not on my Prime 2.

It’s been in beta firmware for some primes

New update allows now connection to Soundcloud and BeatportLink

Only Beatsource support is still in the works, which is in essence Beatport.

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