Prime Go several problems

My prime GO won’t update it does not recognize when I plug in computer and when I try the other way it just says it’s going to update but never does.Also there is no sound from the unit at all and the tracks look like they are playing 2x to fast I’m confused and need help please

Sounds like a bad unit or corrupt OS. I would say send it back.

Hi @ocrux1221 - Welcome to the community and sorry to hear of the troubles with your Prime Go.

Let’s try starting the Prime Go in update mode and updating from your computer.

Connect the power adapter and press the ON button while holding LOAD > and LOAD < buttons. You will see the update screen below if done correctly.

Once you see this screen, start the firmware updater from your computer and follow the onscreen instructions.

The latest firmware (Engine OS) version can be downloaded from below.

Let me know how you make out.