Prime GO Price

What are peoples feelings about the price of this?

When the Prime 4 came out I always said it was too cheap, but with the Prime Go I feel it is well over priced at £930. When the Go was announced I had visions of £400-£600 and while I really like it there is no way I will pay over £600 for one.

What does everyone else think?

If the pitch fader increments are the same as on the longer faders but shrunk down in just distance scale, the jog bend in vinyl mode isn’t too weird with such a short and small jog (looks about 0.75cm thickness to me), and people can look past the lack of rear mixer inputs, then maybe it will be appropriately priced for some. I still think it’s a bizarre design at a high price for what it is. I think it can appeal to strange rich DJ travelers who are already in deep on Engine Prime and want to prep all their sets on the train and plane with a battery, but probably most other people would prefer a laptop and little USB controller for that purpose. As for pure enjoyment and private, portable headphone mixing, without split and with the overly-small controls on it I think it’s a hard sell for that even if the miniature controls turn out to be easier to deal with than I assumed… especially at the price. If there hadn’t been oversights in the design, then I think the price would be easily warranted… possibly even a higher price.

I think the reason it’s priced where it is, has to do, in part, with the rechargeable lithium ion battery. I have one on pre-order. I’m a Wedding DJ, so this will be the perfect unit for beach Ceremonies and sites where there’s no power. I live in an area where I do a lot of ceremonies like this. I welcome the PRIME Go for these events and also as a backup unit as well.

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I see what you are saying, but for me the battery is probably the feature I would use the least, most of the time you still want lights, fog, haze, amps etc. I see the unit as a portable system that I can use (still mains powered) in the garden, for BBQ’s, small gatherings, house parties, festivals etc that connects and uses the same eco system as my main Prime system so I can use my ques, loops etc. its just way over priced for what I need, I would rather spend the extra and get the prime 2 or 4 I think.

Same here.

If it was this thing, I’d pay the current Go price or more.

Agreed. The average Credit Card limit for an artist is going to be $1,000 or less. This also applies to 3rd party financing. The current pricing of the go plus tax puts it above this limit. $899.00 USD would have been a better target price.

That aside, this piece of kit is well worth the price. If you factor in a two channel controller with the same capability, a battery pack to power it, and a laptop, you end up above the $1,000 mark. Plus, pricing it under $800 would decrease the personal valuation of the product. Unless Pioneer reduces their pricing along with InMusic dropping the pricing of their Rane products, we will not see DJ Hardware returning to the pricing we had back in the late 90’s to early 2000’s.

$600 or less


I am very happy to pay this price, as the device fulfils all my wishes. It is advertised as a device for use at home or at small parties. But actually there is nothing to be against the usage of the device in big clubs. You might have to expect some silly comments from other DJs. But promoters probably won’t have much against it, because it can easily be integrated into any booth.

What I want to say is that this device basically has all the functions of the Prime 2 only in a smaller form factor and with battery. Therefore the price seems justified to me.

The market will self correct the price on this product. Mark my words, $600-$700 or less. Many of you will subsidize the initial price of $900 for the rest of us later when the price drops comes into effect months or a year later. Just be aware early buyers may get hurt feelings later after the deals Denon will offer on this, as it does on many of it’s great products.


For that price it should had been a 4 channel controller with real size pitch range. I would like to own one but I’ll hold out for the next one in hope they have those features I’ve mentioned.

I think you are right the market will drag this price down, I will wait and pick one up on offer or grab a b-stock/2nd hand unit

What room is there for all that? The Prime 4 is a thing, why not ask for that to be cheaper?

With the whole Covid 19 debaucle, when will any of the new units even be available for purchase anywhere??


They are unable to ship to the USA currently. It is good to know the units have not crossed borders yet, though.