PRIME GO Now Shipping! ๐Ÿ“ฆ ๐ŸŽ‰

Hi Everyone,

Iโ€™m happy to confirm that the PRIME GO is now shipping! :grin:

Please note that availability may vary by region. Be sure to check your local retailer for availability in your area.

To celebrate the availability, weโ€™ve curated a YouTube playlist with a number of our favorite PRIME GO product reviews from the industryโ€™s most trusted media outlets and product reviewers. Learn their first impressions, detailed feature overviews and final thoughts on the ultra-portable, battery-powered PRIME GO Smart DJ Console.

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Glad to hear! Genius move from Denon. Canโ€™t wait to get my SC6000โ€™s in.

Great 1 step closer to the sc6000s please let it be June.

Haha yes indeed! Weโ€™ll let you know when the SC6000โ€™s are available. :slight_smile:

I had mine on pre order since April so i beg Denon not to long out the release I keep hoping to see Sc6000โ€™s are shipping from you dropped the P2 I knew the go would be next but as you have no more hardware to come sc6000โ€™s baby

Yep waiting for it since februaryโ€ฆ

Where is the user manual for the Go? Edit: I found it, I was looking for instructions on how to turn it on using battery power, because when I try it says to hold the power button down, but it just asks me if I want to turn it off, and it turns off anyway. Itโ€™s fully charged too.

OH You donโ€™t hold down the physical power button on the rear panel, you hold the on-screen button down. That was confusing lmao

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I received mine today and itโ€™s an exciting unit. Will it eventually receive an update to make it DVS compatible. The platters are small and Iโ€™d rather use my turntables when itโ€™s time to go live. Thanks

does anyone know when it will arrive on the Italian market?

Curious as to why you would use that setup. Why not just use your turntables with a capable mixer?

You canโ€™t download RCA inputs. This question would be better to ask on the Prime 4 page anyway.

Iโ€™m leaning toward the Prime 2 or 4 now. I use MPC standalone units and itโ€™s a bit uncomfortable for me to use a computer to perform on since Iโ€™ve gotten used to standalone workflow.

Still no shipping in sight for Switzerland. Not even a date to look forward to. Thinking about canceling the orderโ€ฆ

Hang in there, buddy. Mine finally arrived yesterday and it was definitely worth the wait.

Not rubbing it in that mine has arrived, just hopefully giving you some encouragement.