Prime go no sound through aux (SOLVED)

Good day all. I’m finding my way around my new Prime Go and I can’t get any audio through the aux input. Channel faders are up, I have booth, headphone and main outs connected. Sweep FX off, main out volume up. The meters are pumping to show audio is coming in, but none of the outputs are giving anything. I have a track in deck one that plays through all outputs when I start the track so it’s not the out connections. Any advice? Thanks

What is connected in the aux input and what cable are you using? Tried checking the cable?

Thanks for reply. Yes the cables are good. I’ve connected them to other devices and they worked as expected. Through the aux I’m running my MPC Live with a beat playing on it. I’ve adjusted the aux channel volume, main volume, faders and all knobs and can not get any sound. The Go is playing music from both decks to my main out, through my headphones and through one of the booth outs. I hear the decks but I don’t hear the aux

I have the same issue cant get it to work

The manual says that the aux input is only routed to master output. That could suggest that you won’t hear it in headphones.

Are your output speakers connected to the master outs or just to some other outputs like booth out or zone out (I don’t think GO had zone), or record out etc.

The theory is that if aux control is at about halfway round, and the master volume is up then you should hear the aux signal without any channel faders being up