Prime Go MIDI out


I am considering buying this, but I really want to be able to sync the MIDI clock with either my Roland MC707 or MX1. Has anybody achieved syncing the Go’s MIDI clock with gear that typically uses 5 pin MIDI connections?


Hello @sensationalmachinery, Welcome to the forum,

Prime Go has no 5 pin din midi out. So not the best option here. Try X1800.

Yes, I realize it does not have 5 pin din midi out, but I am asking if anyone has any experience syncing the midi clock with external gear through the Stagelinq connection, or the USB.

Looking at what I found in a short search - no one ever made it yet:

Yes, I saw the feature request link, but I think that there is still the opportunity to solve the problem using the Stagelinq as it obviously sends midi. I just have don’t know the best solution to convert ethernet to 5 pin din midi preferably without using a computer in the middle.

Would the MIDIflex 4, run in its standalone mode do the task for you?

If I used a box like the midiflex I would have to go USB B to USB B and hope that works. Fortunately I just bought a USB B to USB B cord to try and do the same with a Pioneer XDJ R2 and a IconnectMIDI2. I am traveling away from my home studio and thinking of getting the Prime Go to eventually replace the Pioneer, so I will try to the same setup once I get the Go. Point being I have to test it.

I just found the Bomebox online that has ethernet ports as well. If the Iconnect does not work I may go for that.