Prime Go Auto DJ?

Der Prime Go hat kein Auto DJ was ein absolutes No Go ist, das einfache Abspielen der Titel wie ein alter CD Player ist in der heutigen Zeit nicht der Stand der Technik, jede Freeware DJ Software macht das besser. Hier muss dringend nach gebessert werden. Der Prime Go wird auch nicht vom Rechner erkannt ? hatte vorher die 6000er Versionen wenn man die mit dem Rechner verbunden hat kam immer die Meldung neue Hardware erkannt . Ist mein Prime Go deffekt ?

Gruß Ceule

Hello @Ceule

First of all, writing in English would help more to correctly understand Your problem here by more people. Second thing - Prime Go is a Dj stand alone device, not a controller, so it is obvious that is not recognized by the computer. About the auto dj function - that is also not the point of this device. It was not made for that, but You can check if such a feature was already asked for, and if yes give Your vote for it. If not, make a feature request, more votes it gets, more likely that will be implemented.

Thanks for the answer. The Auto Dj function would be a very useful function that is commonly used in DJ software. Wedding birthday DJs especially like to work with this function. A similar function is already available (contouring) this only needs to be expanded or revised.

You should search for existing feature requests and add your vote (heart) to the request.

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