Prime go and DMX interfaces

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I have a question, can denon prime go working with USB-DMX interfaces like Eurolite USB-DMX512?

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That’s a very good question I would be curious to have an answer for as well. Otherwise, apart from wireless, how do you control the lights?

The onboard DMX control (Engine Lighting) only works with the SoundSwitch dongle - which is not available.

The desktop SoundSwitch software does work with other dongles, but requests for those dongles to be supported in Engine Lighting have not been granted.

It’s unfortunate because it’s SoundSwitch who ultimately lose out (after the potential users), because those users won’t be subscribing to their software.

It is not available because of supply issues, or not available as in ‘does not exist’? If that is the case I do not understand why the feature was added to Prime and how do you interface with the lights?

Pardon my ignorance; I do not know much about this feature; just trying to understand how does one connect to lights using the new feature in Engine OS 2.0

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Both the cheaper Micro DMX USB dongle ($30) and the brand new Control One ($300) are sold out on the SoundSwitch web site.

You may be lucky and find one in stock at an online retailer, but as SoundSwitch don’t have any, retailers are also selling out.


SoundSwitch software does work with third party interfaces, are you shure that denon hardware doesnt? I think that Prime 2 and Prime 4 will be working with USB-DMX interfaces from this list:

But on Prime GO USB port is wrote “USB Media”, is it means that this port only for USB sticks? Or I can use it for Engine Ligtning control?

Yes I am sure. Before I purchased the SoundSwitch dongle I asked if I could use an OpenDMX dongle that I already had, and was told that only the SoundSwitch dongle worked on the Prime hardware.

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Yes, you are right! On soundswitch support site is wrote: “Important note: Engine Lighting only supports official SoundSitch hardware and is not compatible with third-party interfaces at this stage.”

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