Prime Go+4 screen protector

Hello, does anyone know a suitable screen protector - preferably made of glass - that fits exactly for the Prime Go or Prime 4?

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Hi Houseman,

I’m using a universal screen protector from Nauci. It’s easy to cut in the right format. Best fitting for both prime go and 4.

You can buy it on Amazon following the link. €7-8.

Screen protector

Greetings, Stefan

I think it’s not glass- In my experience, foils cannot be applied so well without bubbles. In addition, the “slip feeling” is not as smooth as on the glass film. How does that feel with you? Like without a protective film or have you noticed disadvantages

Greets Holger

Hi Holger,

True, it feels not the same as glass. If applied, it feels the same as the genuine screen protection film that came with the prime go for example. It feels oke and I prefer glass as well and yes you can’t prevent the bubbles. The touch sensitivity stay’s the same.

Greetings Stefan

Hi Stefan, Thanks for the answer. In the meantime I have found a dealer here in Germany who sells made-to-measure Panzer Glass foils. Costs only 14.90 EUR the dimensions are 175x111 mm Here is the link:

Greets Holger