Prime Go 2.02 - Roll Display Issue & Shift-Vinyl Mode

Hey, I’ve just updated my Prime Go to 2.02…I’ve noticed the beatgrid points dissappear when using the Roll effect. This is only happening to the lines on the bottom half (the waveform that’s still moving forwards in the background) and only when using horizontal view. This makes it a little harder to know when to release the Roll effect. I don’t think this was happening before and works as expected in vertical view.

Another point about the Prime Go…I know you press and hold Vinyl to enter the Grid Edit Mode, but if you press Shift-Vinyl instead you enter this other mode that only really shows the Downbeat Left/Right buttons. When you press them they do absolutely nothing, no change to the beatgrid at all…am I missing something here?


Same problem here- in roll-modus on the Bottom half the beat grid line is missing

Editing beat grids works fine

Thanks for message…this must be a bug with the Roll then.

As for editing the beatgrids…are you pressing Shift and Vinyl for the other mode, where it just shows the limited features? It’s not the same as the standard way by just holding the Vinyl button, which brings up all the features, that all work as expected.

This is an undocumented feature and is a mode for moving all of the cue points and loops throughout a track.

If you place cues throughout the track and try slipping these with this function, do you see all of your cues move?

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Oh right, yes thank you for that! I wonder why it isn’t in the documentation? I’ve just tested it…wow it moves very slowly with the buttons.

Hope the Roll display issue gets fixed on the next update. Is it just on the Go or on all devices?

It’s a cool little Easter egg and works on the other Prime units too.

As for the beat grid, I hope it is on their radar too!