Prime.connect has issues after 1.2 update [Fixed after a second try Factory reset]

Best team Denon,

After the 1.2 update and a longer test run, the Engine Connect seems somehow not working right. Cause the buttons stay blue while the decks have a different collor. Even when I changing the settings, the buttons on the channel faders stay blie and not the deck color.

I posted some photos as proof.

Can you take a look into it?



Your X1800 has more weird issues not specifically related to 1.2, so my advice would be to try and re-update the mixer (perhaps with another computer) or simply contact support.

It did work perfectly with the 1.1 firmware. So I bet it is not the.mixer.

Yes but you stated that the update went quirky and most of us have no problems with the update.

So, it’s the update procedure that went wrong or your device has gotten defective.

You could make lots of topics about it, but simply contact support.

I did contact support, they said post it on the forums, our tech team will take a look at it.

Did you unplug the Ethernet / network cables for the firmware update ?

It could be that you plugged them back into different ports on the back of the mixer.

Or you might have a usb drive with different user preferences chosen and saved on it

Both No. I think something has gone wrong with the Update. And the data transfer. But I cannot make sure. I send some video footage of the other issues I have with the new update.

Okay. And then @Jay_DenonDJ comes in and ask to contact support. :joy:

Lol. That would be funny.

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It looks like you are having issues with the firmware update both on the players and mixer. When you updated the players, did you also do so over USB cable using the software utility?

No, I used the USB stick and Image.

Could it be a dodgy RJ45 cable? Are the lights on the hub at the rear of . the mixer lit, both green and amber?

No, tjey are the original Denon cables and less then a year old, never touched them since. Yes, all the lights are working probaly.

I had to do the X1800 upgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.2 twice - the first time didn’t work. Have you tried re-applying the 1.2 upgrade.

I knew it was working when the level light on the channels lit up one by one. When it wasn’t working, the lights all stayed lit.

Apologies if you’ve tried this already…

Yes. Did that but still feeling something is wrong.

If you’re technically minded, you could connect a PC running an application called Wireshark, to see what traffic is being passed between the devices. Might help you narrow down the issue.

I do know that the colours on the mixer buttons only change once the RJ45 cables are connected - I would be suspicious of those cables, personally. Am sure there are people on this forum with far more experience than me - from what I have seen, both forum members and moderators are very helpful, so am sure someone will provide an answer for you. Best of luck with this.



I bet this is gonna take some back and forth troubleshooting but I will suggest some things that I would do if it was my mixer:

  1. Factory reset the mixer from the utility menu

  2. Test again

  3. Reinstall the firmware on the X1800

  4. Test again

  5. Change the cables if possible as it wouldn’t hurt but I agree, they are probably fine as both cables being bad would be strange unless they got damaged closing your case.

  6. observe the network lights. The color of the layers are sent to the mixer through the network so I would observe the lights on the mixer and the SC5000. Make sure they light up and you see activity basically.

  7. Not sure what firmware your players are but I would make sure (a) they are the latest 1.3.1 and (b) at least reinstall the firmware to one of the SC5000s and you guessed it, Test again.

During all this troubleshooting, it might be a good idea to only use one of the SC5000’s at a time. This would help when trying to determine what is actually causing the issues.

Again, this is all things I would do if it was me in your shoes and I am not a Denon tech; just another user like you.

Good luck

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I installed the latest firmware on the players but got trouble with that update as well. Somehow strange.

Even more reason why you should do it again mate.

I used the USB image on the players to be sure there was no transfer issues…