Prime 4 with both Soundswitch and Resolume

Currently trying to figure out a connectivity problem. I have a prime 4 linked to a macbook running Soundswitch 2.0 (for moving heads/scanners) and Resolume Arena 6 (for video, pars, and led strips). When I connect an external advatek card with an ethernet cable (being used to export up to 32 dmx universes from resolume to control the led strips and 3 standard dmx universes that I use for pars by treating them as pixels of the video), I lose my input to soundswitch. (the little circle by engine prime in performance mode). The prime 4 is connected to an ethernet port on a thunderbolt hub, while the advatek is connected to the built in port (late '11 macbook).

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I’ll consult with the tech team and get back to you ASAP.

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Hi @rsquared, the tech team we’re able to replicate a similar scenario and are looking into it.

I’ll keep you posted

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Sound Switch support helped me figure out that running them on two seperate networks (one from an ethernet port on a thunderbolt hub and one from the computer was the problem. By adding a switch to the computer hub and plugging both into the switch, it works.

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