Prime 4 Upload Speed of Engine Prime 1.5

Hi All Trust you enjoying V1.5.0 on the P4. How long should the update take? I have tried to upload via the USB port on the rear of the unit and its already 15 minutes and stuck on the upload image? Your help would be appreciated.

You do know that 1.5 is not firmware? Otherwise it will stay there waiting until eternity.

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Software goes into your Windows laptop or desktop computer

Firmware loads into your Prime DJ hardware

Engine Prime 1.5 (released yesterday) was software (for a laptop or PC).

Like prime hardware owners then :sunglasses:

Thanks for quick response and yes firmware is all good thanks apart from claiming it needs an update when its on the latest version.

Lol, could have guessed that.

To answer: It’s shorter than eternity. Even shorter than soon.

I take it you have answered my question then Christopia that EP 1.5 is not available as a dedicated software for the prime hardware yet?

You need to know those terms:

Engine Prime (called EP) - The Music library management system for computers.

Engine OS - The dedicated firmware for all the players.

We got Engine Prime 1.5.0 yesterday, and if Denon follow the usual way of release, we should get a new Engine OS very very soon.

Thanks Guys…Your support is appreciated. Are any of you using V1.5 if so is it worth moving from Serato/Recordbox…? Last question as I am aware of crossing threads… :frowning:


I’m using Engine Prime 1.5.0 and I love it. Have been using Engine Prime for the last 2 or 3 years and it just got way better with the release from yesterday.

If its worth moving over from others, I would say yes… But again, I’m used to it by now.

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