Prime 4 upgrade... please

The thing is not that we know he’s a troll/idiot but how we deal with such a troll/idiot :wink:

Personally I try to dismantle their arguments - eg. When it was Max claiming wireless was everything I debunked that by using my experience working in lighting (actually I still primarily consider myself a lampy).

After that they just get crazier and crazier, and burn themselves, very little effort on my part!

Maybe he is new to the workflow Denon presented?

Excuse me are you telling me a troll and diot? Are you serious my friend?

Yes, well done for figuring that out.

And from what thing you understand this for me? Tell me please.

Don’t see a new Minus_Mono rising just yet, soooo…

Gents, respect each other, please.

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Theres too much of this on this forum and it’s always the same users, you know who you are. Always extremely disrespectful to new users, this guy clearly isnt a native English speaker either.

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I wouldn’t call myself a Saint either, but trying to be neutral most of the time. :relieved:

I just replied to your post it wasnt directed at you. They know who I meant.

If you have a problem with me, or another user I’d prefer you spit it out rather than use coded language to disguise it.

I wouldn’t necessarily categorise myself as being anti new-user, more like anti-idiot. If the two happen to be correlated, well that’s not my problem.

Thanks for proving my point.

Stop hiding behind coded/disguised language, coward.

Gents. Please keep it a little more on-topic.

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Is this the only reason you attend these forums to act holier than thou? You never have anything constructive to say but call users names. You’re supposed to be an adult!!

Ha, you think I act holier than thou? Take a look through my post history - I’ve been very critical on Denon DJ, when they deserve it. Check my posts about their previously abysmal BPM algorithm for instance.

Both through my public and private posts I can guarantee Denon staff don’t like me.

Unlike you I don’t mince my words and I have a reputation of talking straight which gets me into more than a little trouble at times.

As I said previously, I am not anti new user - I am anti idiot and against people being illogical.

Lord have mercy


annnnnd …there goes another bit of my life i wont get back

Lol gotta love a forum like this ^^

Djgear-manufacturer: “Oh & let us also create a forum and a community where the users can share their opinions and therefore we have access to what tickles their brain so we can produce the best gear for them”

Employee in 2020 having a curious read here: “Wait Whut?”

on topic: any news on a coming update?

Allow me to go slightly off topic here but can anybody make a example of a unique feature on Denon units/software explicitly stated by Denon that they added becuse of user feedback?

For the life of me I cannot remember a single thing that wasn’t already in competitors product. Must be my lack of coffee…

After some updates since 1st release You CAN make playlists on the spot on your standalone player… don’t see that feature on other standalone units… Does that count?

Unique features maybe less… but there are features beeing fixed each time! For example the horizontal waveformview, been fixed after the users complained/asked for it.

It’s a shame negativity and sh*tty behaviour is overclouding this forum more & more lately… realy don’t understand why some think it’s useful. Most need to go back to their youtube-comments buttons again to vent their venom instead of here.

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