Prime 4 tutorial TWO HOUR video (from Digital DJ Tips)

Phil Morse at Digital DJ Tips has recently uploaded a two hour long tutorial on the Denon DJ Prime 4.

I wouldn’t take anything that guy says with any degree of certainty - I’ve heard enough of his reviews to know he’s not worth listening to.

Is he charging $399 for the privilege with 50 percent off till the end of the week :wink:

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Knowing that people would spend up to $7.5Kus on a set to dj from their bedroom I would definitely not lose sleep over charging $399 for a course. :laughing:

Good marketing tool for Denon.

I agree. Actually this 2 hour indepth Prime 4 video Manual is free. I personally think what Phil Morse and DDJT teach is really good. In lockdown I’ve been going through the ‘house music mastery’ course and I’ve really enjoyed it. And yes I got it for half price.

You mean you didnt get it for twice the price.

No i am completley happy with the price thanks.

Maybe he did get it for twice the price :laughing:

Seriously I think phill does a good job. I watched a video where he was scathing Ni about traktor progress. He just puts everything in a positive light mostly. I get my kid to check out his videos.