Prime 4 touch screen suddenly became unresponsive

problem with touch screen, during the preview of the songs of a playlist, the touch screen stopped working correctly, and to use it I had to press very hard on it, after about half an hour of use it returned to normal by itself. Fw 1.6.2 in standalone mode, the first time is happened.

don’t do that! is under warranty?

I think it is a software problem because it only did it when I was trying to use the preview function of the tracks, it did not do it and after half an hour without spying it was back to normal. It is under warranty, it is the second console, one I returned for the defective LEDs.

i don’t really know what to say… maybe a dodgy digitiser / connection would be intermittent ? there is no touch screen calibration as such maybe a reinstall of the firmware ? sorry i’m all out but i recon pushing hard on the screen would just hurt it

Hey @carlozara Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Are you able to share a video with me via DM? I can have a closer look and see if I can find a resolution

unfortunately I can’t make a video, the problem only happened once, and it hasn’t repeated for now. As already mentioned I don’t think it’s a hardware problem, but it happened while I was playing in a gig, while a song was playing I listened to the preview of several songs and at a certain point it no longer responds, if not pressing hard, then it resumed from only, after about half an hour.

I see. Were you streaming the tracks or pulling from a drive?

I was using the songs present in SD and recording in a USB stick

Ok. The reasons for this could be simple or one that would need a closer look so troubleshooting a bit could help. It could be related to music files, a usb connection errors, etc.

You can troubleshoot by reanalyzing the file that it become unresponsive with. You could also try swapping out USB sticks to see if the problem continues. At any rate, you’re welcome to DM me if it occurs again and interrupts your performance. Definitely would like to know more information if it does.