Prime 4 Tidal streaming issues, followed by inability to switch off

So far, after making the switch to Prime from (consistently problematic) Traktor, my experience has been a fairly good one with minimal issues, until tonight. After mixing a few tracks from a Tidal playlist, the track download time got increasingly longer, before refusing to go any further than ‘fetching track info’. At this point, I attempted to switch the unit off and call it a night, however the unit wouldnt turn off, freezing on the ‘do not remove drives until the unit powers off’ screen. I had to hold in the power button forcing it to power down. My internet speed was showing as 63, signal strength full, and only one playlist in my tidal account containing around 65 tracks. I also before attempting to power off cleared all track data/cues etc in the hope of regaining use.

Has anybody else had similar issues, or can help?

I’m a new user of the prime 4 only having owned one for a couple of weeks. I too had a similar experience where the unit would not switch off showing the shutting down screen. I left the unit for over an hour with no effect eventually resorting to pulling the mains plug.

As the unit was new I had not yet setup up my tidal account, hence how my experience was slightly different to yours. At the time I was using a memory stick and was shutting down for the night when the lock up happened.