Prime 4 sync not snapping to beat

Hi All, I have been through all the settings watched endless youtube tutorials but sync just doesnt work on my prime 4, I’m fine beatmatching by ear but would be nice sometimes to have the ability to Sync, what could I be missing? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Have you run the tunes through engine on pc first to get a beatgrid?

Have you got quantize switched on?

Have to adjusted the Beatgrid to line it up the flags onto the actual beats (some tracks with wavering beats need manual adjusting)

Hi, thanks for the quick reply, I will check the Quantize setting, I find I have to manually adjust the beat grids quite often but I always run the tracks through Engine (PC) first. I’ll have a play shortly and see if the suggestions help, I’ll post back with the results, thanks again.

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