Prime 4 stuck after connect ssd formated exfat

I buy new, ssd Samsung Evo 860 - 2.5 and, sata 3 I formated exfat when I connected in the back of the machine where I need to connect hard drive sata Everything start in the prime 4 to stuck the prime 4 stuck, the touch in screen start to be slow stuck like the machine can’t work everything not responding Why it’s happen I try to do this In other prime 4 same problem Do you prefer me other ssd maybe that I can work or what to fo now I can’t start!!!

Hi @Djroy1 - The drive itself and the format shouldn’t be a problem they are compatible with the system.

  • Does the PRIME 4 boot normally and functionally as expected with a different drive?

  • Does the problem persist if you install the HD into the internal HD bay?