Prime 4 - SSD not visible on Controller

A little help please . . . . .

Ive installed and formatted (exFat) 500gb SSD drive into the prime 4 controller. This was done through the MacBook pro 10.14.6

The SSD shows as a device in the engine prime software and I’ve been successful in transferring music on the the SSD.

Unfortunately when i operate the controller in standalone mode i cannot see the SSD in the display screen.

Anyone have any suggestions on my next actions ?


hello, but did you transfer and analyze the music with Engine? No, because if you have not done this operation, I believe you will not see your music as soon as you turn on the P4. Did you think to install the SSD, format it, pass the files to a folder and view them directly in the P4?

If so then, I recommend reading the instruction manual which does not hurt. In case you have already done all this, then better explain the steps you have done, after formatting the SSD.

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Yes Do you have Paragon ntfs on your Mac, because if not, you can’t format in exfat correctly.

This is incorrect information. macOS is capable of formatting exFat, you are probably confusing with NTFS.

That’s not what I’m saying. Osx does not format exfat the right way for Prime 4. Paragon Ntfs adds the right libraries. It works well with mac and pc

If that is correct, then I must have been granted two different flukes, as I have been using macOS formatted drives on my Prime4 without any issues.

In standalone mode, if you press and hold VIEW and then tap SOURCE do you see the SSD?

I have formatted my SSD with Mac, in ExFat, and it works fine.

Hi JWill, i don’t see the SSD when i put into standalone mode. grrrrr