*Prime 4 "Soft Reset" during a screen/platter lockup

There have been reports of screen & platter lockups during a gig (or non gig) with no way to clear it besides turning the Prime 4 Off, then back On again, which many will find to be unacceptable during a live gig as all music will cease…

May i suggest a “Soft Reset” be looked into… Perhaps just for the screen & platters driver, one that will not interfere or interrupt any ongoing music playback… And one that involves holding and or pressing down on one or two of the hard buttons.

What do you guys think? Would you like to have a “Soft Reset” made available as a safety precaution?

This request applies to Prime 2 & Prime GO owners as well.

This all goes to what soft reset is capable pf resetting… If the hangup is caused by the manor part of the code, than it will not reset anything…