Prime 4 shipping date?


What is the release date to disco equipment supplies/shops in the UK for the P4

How about a freebie thumb drive or t-shirt for all pre orders ?


Confused about delivery dates

Hi there, we are planning for UK shipping in March.

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JAY when can we see the Prime 4 in USA?

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Hi there, will be a similar time frame. Thank you

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Please ship enough Prime 4 devices in march to the Netherlands too Jay. Can’t wait! :grimacing::headphones::microphone::+1:t3:



Do you know if all current preorders will be fulfilled on launch date (uk).
Although most websites are still stating early March release on preorders, Ive heard that there are only 100 units allocated for the whole of the uk and most preorders are likely to arrive April May. Can you confirm is this is the case? Thanks.



UK date now been put back to April ???



Same here in America they push the date back to mid April I thought denon learned a lesson from the sc5000 I didn’t get it until June I live in Queens New York stores still had it until July because everybody already bought they gear for the summer season you have to give us time to test equipment out. And I just sold my ddj sx3 I’m thinking to go buy a new one & Forget about the p4

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yup what would be funny is if Pioneer realeases something before Denon as Pioneer has the tendency of announcing things a week or 2 it becomes available…Denon better hurry before the big bad wolf reaches they’re home.

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Come on Denon this is a joke, at this rate the others would have caught you up and the Prime 4 will look stupid compared to whoever is next in line. Then we will be getting deposits back or full payments while your still thinking about it.



Thank you all for your patience, please believe us we’re just as excited to get the Prime 4 into everyones hands as soon as possible!

We were initially hoping for late March shipping but due to circumstances out of our control this has been moved to early April.

We’re doing everything we can to get these into the stores and DJ’s hands as quickly as we can.

Thanks you again for your patience and we can’t wait to see what you do with them!


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Anyway its still no good news…

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is that true Denon, only 100 units??



Hi @KR1574P5, that is incorrect. I cannot confirm first shipping numbers but I can assure you it’s more than 100 :slight_smile:

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Quite annoyed atm because i pre orderd the Prime 4 last week and it said release on the 15th but today im called and told sorry but wont get it till late April. Not impressed at all especially with the cost and it already been taken outa my bank.



HI @Ghastous, I am sorry to hear this.

When we announced the Prime 4 we were aiming for a late March shipping timeframe, unfortunately, this has had to be readjusted to early April for which I apologise.

I can assure you we’re are doing everything we can to get Prime 4 into DJs hands :slight_smile:

Regards J



I ordered mine when our disco shop first started to advertise that was over a month ago



Good idea. Best to get in near the front of the queue on this gear



A free t shirt with every pre order would be epic and very welcome denon going from pioneer setup to the prime 4 can’t wait to get creative



I slapped my 10% deposit down straight away when I first heard about Prime 4. Way back when it was announced in mid Jan and it’s been very exciting having a few months of looking forward to this creative beast coming!

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