Prime 4 Release Pushed Back?

I just got a not on my pre order adding another 5 or 6 weeks to the delivery date.

Has the whole release been pushed back?

Same what i saw on baxshop yes.

I am in holland

That svcks I was starting to get excited for next week!

Just keep faithfull, with hardware this awesome the firmware will come around. For sure. We early adapters have wait for two years and even with all the issues still to be solved, i rather drag my prime setup everywhere i get booked and setup my own gear. Only thing is i end up not using all fancy stuff but really bring the basic back. So paradox: i cant use the prime setup how i like or to its capability, but i end up having way more fun than with pios or tsp2. Only the library management is still a drag to be honoust. Still use tsp2 for that and drag those lists in to ep.

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Ok cool. So I it 7s3d engine yet. I us3 iTunes for l8brary, so could add to e g8ne and still use iTunes for lists and pools

Thank you for all your patience with the delivery of your Prime 4’s, we really appreciate your custom and readiness to get your hands on them.

We’re doing everything we can to get them to you as soon as possible!



The release date was supposed to be March 31st. Has that changed to a later date and if so could you give us a round about date?

Yes my order pushed back from april 4 to now may ■■■■■ i have a gig friday.