Prime 4 release Date and Brexit

A hypothetical questions here at present but it could become real, if the UK does leave Europe without a deal and on the 22nd April and the Prime 4 has not shipped by then would everyone who has ordered a unit then have to pay a tariff over and above the price?

Hopefully Denon will have them delivered by then so we don’t have to find out.

You shouldn’t be charged with something extra.

Denon prime’s are made in outside the EU and thus EU import Duties will be charged, prior to a Brexit. What I have read is that the UK will apply the same import duties as the EU after the Brexit so you shouldn’t notice a difference.

Yes that is true if we leave with a deal, however if we leave without a deal tariffs will be applied to all goods coming into the country, Some of these are over 20% and that was for Dutch Bacon and 10.6% for the majority of European cars.

I know that most major technology companies etc will import into Europe to a single location then redistribute from there a lot of companies that I have dealt with tend to have their distribution centres in Holland or Belgium, so theoretically there could be a tariff applied to every unit that comes into the UK, I for one hope not, but you never know!

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