Prime 4 pushed back to April?

I was going to pre order the Prime 4 today and noticed it’s been pushed back to late April.


Just checked some UK retailers and the dates wildly vary … but they all say March at present.

interesting I wonder why it’s varying so much…I remember retailers saying late march.

Could be different for different parts of the world. In U.S. when we placed our order our rep told us early March. But Lord knows things change. :yum:

And it really doesn’t matter whether it appears in the stores in March, May or August.

I’ve paid a 10% deposit at my usual DJ store, and would advise anyone do the same, so that they plant their flag in the sand, so to speak, to secure their place in the queue of back orders for their Prime 4.

What I’ve said with my local store is that they’ll call me when they get a demo one in, I’ll try it out in store and I can cancel the order and get my deposit back if there’s some glaring error with the Prime - like if I somehow got the idea it played videos to a big screen and find it doesn’t (which I don’t think it does - I’m just saying)

In the NAMM interviews I watched, they said late March early April was the target for release. But based on previous releases from Denon and pretty much every other DJ gear manufacturer, different parts of the world will see gear at different times. As a Canadian I’m used to seeing 6 month or more delays getting product into the local market. Causes us to do a lot of cross-border shopping!

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I can’t imagine the distribution costs within Canada. The in-country shipping costs in Canada are simply outrageous compared to the rest of the world.

Canadian shipping expenses make no sense to me. I once express air mailed a figure from Japan to my place in Ontario and it cost 12 dollars and arrived in 4 days but shipping something from the Amazon warehouse 20 minutes away from my house costs 15 dollars and also takes 4 days.

Anyways, staying on topic I kind of hope I can see a Prime 4 in Ontario sooner rather than later.

If not, either New York or Michigan can be worth the drive and save you on shipping costs. Whenever I buy vinyl on Discogs from anyone in Toronto, WIndsor, or London, it is cheaper for me to drive than to have the package shipped.

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April 24Th where I buy my dj gear. I want to see this in person. a waiting game now.

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