Prime 4 Play Buttons Dont Work

I just picked up a used prime 4 for cheap.When I bought it, the guy said he could never get the play buttons fixed or get the unit warrantied out. He showed me everything works fine as it does besides that. The only issue is that the play/pause buttons on both decks need a very hard press to activate them, otherwise they do not work. You pretty much have to smack the buttons hard for them to do anything, and smacking them in various areas of the button does not do anything either. (That’s how much pressure you need to put on them).

I have tested the unit in various ways, including a software update to determine it is a hardware issue. everything else seems to work great. I have opened the unit up and want to fix it myself… I have found a site that sells just the plastic play button pieces which I am hoping those are worn out and it’s not the actual board that needs to be replaced.

Any thoughts or leads on this before i started spending money?

If you’ve opened it up, then you have access to the actual switches that sit below the plastic buttons, yes?

Have you tried pressing those switches directly (without the plastic buttons) to see if they function reliably?

This is what’s really kept me from buying in to the Prime series. The failure rate of the plastic mounts for the main switches comes up time & time again. And historically it’s been the same for all of Denon’s hardware.

I’ve got an MC7000 sat here with dodgy play buttons. A few years ago a had pair of the little DN-SC2000 controllers that suffered the same fate. I’ve also sold a DN-MC6000 before the play buttons failed, as I knew that particular controller involved a total stripdown to fix anything.

I’m very close to to ordering a Prime 2 or Prime 4, but knowing those play buttons are likely to fail within a couple of years makes me very nervous.

…Meanwhile, my Native Instruments Kontrol S4 Mk 3 has taken a beating regularly for over two years, without any problems at all.

Hey @prime4user - Sorry to hear you’re running into some issues. An issue with hardware may need some assistance from our technical support team. Could you dm me your info so we can connect you with a team member? Happy to look into this.

never thought about that. i did reassemble back together but the process was easy enough to disassemble and try that again