Prime 4 Peripherals did not come online

Hello friends I need help with this big problem with Denon Prime 4 … I update to new 1.5.2 and never turn on mixer and decks only Screen turn on and nothing more

thanks I will attach picture .

What’s up @edwinaltamiranodj,

Did this happen immediately after updating? Which update method did you use (USB/Mac/PC)? Personally, I’ve had success using the USB method.

I Use Mac to update … the led display turn on but mixer and deck don’t … this message appears 2min later turn on

thanks for your help

If you can, please try to update via USB. I’m not sure if it will make a difference but it’s worth a try. Good luck.

I Can not because mixes Menu button don’t work and can not enter to utility menu ? its really bad this problems on Prime 4

Press Powerbutton + Eject button . The Buttons above the mixer has nothing to do with the mixers circuit. So they should work. And you can do a fresh update with USB or better a SD-Card.

Just copy the update.img file to a blank Formated SD.

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Witch buttons above mixer ? i dont understand can you help me please


You shared a picture of your screen in your original post. Does that screen still display on your Prime 4? If so, can you tap UPDATE FW on your touchscreen to begin a firmware upgrade? If so, then download the USB Updater file onto a USB, unzip it, and try to update your firmware via USB.

Otherwise, you can try the method posted by @DJDark. I’m not familiar with this method. Per his instructions, he asking you to press the POWER button on the back, and hold down the EJECT button located on the top right side of the Prime 4. I’m assuming that this is a work around to start the firmware upgrade process.

If you have no success, I would recommend contacting Denon DJ directly from the page below:

Good luck!

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