Prime 4 occasionally song playing will lag when loading a track

Occasionally the song playing will have a brief lag while another track is loading. I’m using Virtual DJ 8 with a MacBook Pro. It seems random.

Some things it might fix:

  • Change the USB-cable, if possible.
  • Also, if you have the change, try it with another Computer/Mac.
  • Where are the files saved? Directly on the Mac or on an USB-Stick?
  • A thing i really hate: Have you reinstalled/resetuped?

Maybe some of my ideas can help you.

Cheers Chris

yes noticed this also with Prime 4 using beatport stream at first then on hard drive as well only recently started to beatport stream and noticed these errors been fine before and about 5 beatport stream plays now issues are showing , slight lag when loading another track and freezing up as well?