Prime 4 model number? Support says its not in their system

OK so Ive called denon support twice trying to get some help with my Prime 4, but both times different support associates told me they couldnt find the prime 4 in their system AND couldnt tell me where to look for the “model number” they needed to open a ticket. Can anyone help?

Do they perhaps mean the serial number on the bottom? The one that starts with (21)…


Hi @Tikigonewild - Prime 4 would be the model, and as Reese mentioned the serial is located on the bottom of the unit and starts with (21).

What number did you call?

@JWiLL the ladies told me prime4 didnt come up with anything. The number I called 1-844-784-0000 Also I gave her my serial number and she said she was unable to process anything without the model#

Hey Man, just called that number…that is for Pioneer DJ technical support.

Here’s our number: (401) 658-5766


Thanks @JWiLL … Im also troubleshooting my pioneer (backup gear)

No problem! Best of luck!

Let us know if you still need assistance with your Denon DJ product :wink:


I had to read this twice :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Somewhere in the Pioneer world, there is a rep that just started an inquiry to see what is the Pioneer Prime 4 and why support hasn’t been notified of this product if they have to support it :joy: :joy: :joy:


Totally my fault. In my Panic realizing my Prime 4 would be down for a while, I booted up my backup stuff and IT wouldnt work. full panic ha.

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lol happens to the best of us.

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