Prime 4 mixer input

Is it possible to connect my laptop and use P4 mixer without using engine prime

What do you mean ? connect a laptop audio out ? You can use one of the entry for external input, you have switches on each track.

Engine Prime is the name of the pc/mac library management software

Hi, if prime 4 went down on tiuchscreen, i mean is it possible to play my laptop through the mixer on P4, meaning if for some reason the P4 touchscreen stopped working could i plug my laptop into P4 and use my dj software OTS AV Pro DJ Regards Dave

that’s the same thing i do, just keep a laptop plugged into lines 3/4 in case something happens. it’s not that solid of a strategy because if something goes wrong you’re going to want to restart. so at minimum you’re talking about 50 seconds dead air without a mic.

a failsafe would be an outboard mixer with decks, laptop and mics plugged into it.

Ah many thanks, i just wanted to know worst case scenario if p4 went loopy could i use my laptop as a back up thru p4 mixer, thanks for info, at least i know p4 mixer not dedicated to just p4. :+1: